Balance sheet of the Week - Banrisul´s Net Income ( Jornal NH - 17.08.2007 - page 2)

The impressive results obtained by Banco Banrisul in the first half of 2007 in which it posted net income of R$ 725 million, a massive 283.9% growth in relation to the same period last year.

The past and future of the bank of Gaúchos (Jornal da Noite - August 2007 – cover story)

The government of Rio Grande do Sul state started trading of Banrisul´s shares at the São Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa) at 9:30 am on July 31. The governor Yeda Crusius and the CEO of Banrisul, Fernando Lemos took part in the event, which signaled the migration of the bank´s shares to Level 1 of Corporate Governance. Live coverage of the event was provided by the TV station Piratini. According to the state finance secretary Aod Cunha, the price per Banrisul share was fixed at R$ 12 and the entire offering of R$ 2.086 billion was placed in the market for institutional and retail investors, pursuant to the notice to the market published on July 25. According to Fernando Lemos, the offering was a success and funds raised from the sale of Banrisul´s preferred shares held by the state treasury will be allocated to the state´s two social security accounts. As a tribute to the capital increase process at Banrisul, the bank of Gaúchos , we reproduce here one of the bank´s first securities in our records. These securities, representing 10 shares, were signed by the first chairman Firmino Paim Filho in 1928, the year the bank was born, for a value of R$500,000.

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