Interest on equity payment related to the 3nd quarter of 2013

Porto Alegre, September 3, 2013.

We hereby inform the Shareholders that we will carry out the payment of interest on equity related to the second quarter of 2013, in the amount of R$61,725,577.41 (sixty-one million, seven hundred twenty-five thousand, five hundred seventy-seven Reais, forty-one cents) which, after Income Tax withholding at source, results on net interest on equity of R$52,466,740.80 (fifty-two million, four hundred and sixty-six thousand, seven hundred and forty Reais and eighty cents) according to the decision made at the Board of Director’s Meeting held on May 06, 2008.

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Alexandre Pedro Ponzi
Superintendente de Relações com Investidores
Telefone: +55 (51) 3215-3232