Banrisul is one of the best investment picks for 2008

Banrisul is one of the best investment picks for 2008, according to Exame Magazine - this week’s edition. The São Paulo publication affirms that the Bank’s shares present the third highest appreciation potential among banking institutions, reaching 50%.

“The outlook for the [banking] sector is positive, due to the continuous growth in the corporate and personal credit segments”, Exame affirms, giving a buy recommendation for Banrisul shares, as “Banrisul is the 15th largest bank in the country, with a strong corporate and personal credit portfolio. Banrisul shares are lower priced compared to its competitors”. According to Lika Takahashi, head strategist of Fator Corretora, who was interviewed by the magazine, “another interesting aspect of Brazilian banks is the fact that their management is far superior compared to that of the remaining stock exchange sectors, on average”.

The “2008 Picks” article, which is published annually, listens to Brazilian and international economists, professors, bankers and analysts, who carry out an analysis on the national and international market outlook. From that point on, companies with higher gain potential are defined, thus minimizing risks and improving the readers’ investment success potential.

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