Banrisul, the Capa Group and Rodobens Negócios Imobiliários
sign R$ 100 million real estate financing agreement

Today (May 26), Banrisul, the Capa Group and Rodobens Negócios Imobiliários entered into a commercial agreement t the Bank’s headquarters in Porto Alegre, as a result of which Banrisul will finance the construction and individual purchase of residential and commercial properties in Porto Alegre.

Within the next 60 days, R$ 100 million will be invested in two projects in the city – Terra Nova Vista Alegre, a residential condominium, and Terra Nova Nature, a commercial building. The business plan of the two companies also envisages the construction of residential properties in Santa Cruz do Sul, Caxias do Sul, Santa Maria, Gravataí, Pelotas, Alvorada and Cachoeirinha.

According to Banrisul’s CEO, Fernando Lemos, the partnership exemplifies the Bank’s commitment to local business and raising the quality of life of the local citizenry. “Banrisul has always been open to mortgage lending; in fact, at one time it was the only financial institution in Rio Grande do Sul to finance the sector,” he declared.

Carlos Alberto Schettert, CEO of the Capa Group, emphasized that Banrisul had always been a partner of the Group but now it would be able to take full advantage of the Bank’s ample presence as a financing agent in the interior of the state. The CEO of Rodobens Negócios Imobiliários, Eduardo Gorayeb, declared that the agreement was of supreme importance in its project to expand its real estate projects to other cities in the state. “That is our prime focus – meeting consumer demand for residential condominiums with complete infrastructure and affordable prices".

The signing ceremony was attended by Banrisul’s CEO, Fernando Lemos, other Bank officers, the CEO of the Capa Group, Carlos Alberto Schettert, and the CEO of Rodobens Negócios Imobiliários, Eduardo Gorayeb.

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