Corporate Overview

brMalls is committed to uphold the highest possible levels of corporate governance. In addition to complying with the Novo Mercado requirements, the highest level of corporate governance within the companies listed in B3, we are in constant search of ways to further improve our level of corporate governance.

We currently uphold a board structure composed by 7 members, of which 6 are independent. We also do not have any existing shareholder agreement, which guarantees that there is no effective controlling group in the company. Along with this, we only have one class of common stock, which are in free-float. We have great regard for our employee’s work and dedication, and so we developed tools to guarantee that their interests are in line with the shareholder’s interests through long-term incentive plans. These incentives work as "Performance Shares", with clear and transparent metrics. We also maintain an active auditing committee, along with a people and compensation committee.

Due to our efforts towards obtaining high levels of corporate governance, we highlight our score in the ISS Governance QualityScore. ISS Corporate Solutions is an American company, specialized in corporate governance and AGM’s of traded companies, where one of their services include the ISS Governance QualityScore, that grades companies based on corporate governance metrics and requirements. This score, that may vary from 1 to 10, where 1 represents the lowest risk, is recognized across the globe by several countries and investors. We currently maintain the score of 1, which represents the lowest risk and so the highest possible grade, featuring as one of the best graded companies in the country.

Corporate Governance Practices and Novo Mercado

Disclosure and Use of Information

Rights of Common Shares