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Banco Cruzeiro do Sul main operating subsidiaries are the following:

Cruzeiro do Sul S.A. Corretora de Valores e Mercadorias. Cruzeiro do Sul Corretora is mainly engaged in brokerage activities, and acts solely as a broker in relation to trades on the BOVESPA, BM&F and BBM.

Cruzeiro do Sul Distribuidora de Títulos e Valores Mobiliários. Cruzeiro do Sul DTVM is mainly engaged in intermediation and trading activities of public bonds. It is also responsible for the placement of shares of all our FIDCs.

Cruzeiro do Sul Imobiliária, Comercial, Importadora e Exportadora S.A. A Cruzeiro do Sul Imobiliária is mainly engaged in real estate transactions and also able to engaged in importation and exportation transactions.

Cruzeiro do Sul S.A.- Companhia Securitizadora de Créditos Financeiros. Cruzeiro do Sul Securitizadora is mainly engaged in the sale of assets.

BCS Seguros S.A. BCS Seguros carries out activities relating to the private pension and life insurance business.

Companhia Promotora de Vendas - Proveban. Proveban is mainly engaged in rendering services of management, control and analysis of loans, sales consulting and information technology.

Banco Prosper S.A. In December 2011, we entered into a Share Purchase and Sale Agreement for the acquisition of 88.7194% of the capital of Banco Prosper S.A. for R$55 million with own funds. Founded in 1991, Banco Prosper is a multiple-service bank with presence in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, operating a commercial, credit, financing and investment portfolio and authorized to operate in the foreign exchange market. In addition, Banco Prosper will bring tax credits of approximately R$80 million to Banco Cruzeiro do Sul.

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