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CSN is a publicly-held company with shares traded on the São Paulo (BM&FBOVESPA) and New York (NYSE) Stock Exchanges. The Company employs over 20 thousand people, with operations and investments in steel, mining, cement, logistics and energy segments.

On june 30, 2015, the Company’s consolidated subsidiaries were:

Interest (%)
Companies 06/30/2015
Direct interest in subsidiaries: full consolidation
CSN Islands VII Corp. 100.00
CSN Islands IX Corp. 100.00
CSN Islands X Corp. 10.00
CSN Islands XI Corp. 100.00
CSN Islands XII Corp. 100.00
CSN Minerals S.L.U. 100.00
CSN Export Europe, S.L.U. 100.00
CSN Metals S.L.U. 100.00
CSN Americas S.L.U. 100.00
CSN Steel S.L.U. 100.00
TdBB S.A (*) 100.00
Sepetiba Tecon S.A. 99.99
Mineração Nacional S.A. 99.99
Companhia Florestal do Brasil 99.99
Estanho de Rondônia S.A. 99.99
Cia Metalic Nordeste 99.99
Companhia Metalúrgica Prada 99.99
CSN Cimentos S.A. (1)
CSN Gestão de Recursos Financeiros Ltda. (*) 99.99
Congonhas Minérios S.A. 99.99
CSN Energia S.A. 99.99
FTL - Ferrovia Transnordestina Logística S.A. 89.79
Indirect interest in subsidiaries: full consolidation
Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional LLC
CSN Europe Lda. 100.00
CSN Ibéria Lda. 100.00
Lusosider Projectos Siderúrgicos S.A. 99.94
Lusosider Aços Planos, S. A. 99.99
CSN Acquisitions, Ltd. 100.00
CSN Resources S.A. 100.00
CSN Holdings (UK) Ltd 100.00
CSN Handel GmbH 100.00
Companhia Brasileira de Latas 100.00
Rimet Empreendimentos Industriais e Comerciais S. A. 100.00
Companhia de Embalagens Metálicas MMSA 99.67
Companhia de Embalagens Metálicas - MTM 99.67
CSN Steel Holdings 1, S.L.U. 100.00
CSN Productos Siderúrgicos S.L. (2) 100.00
Stalhwerk Thüringen GmbH 100.00
CSN Steel Sections UK Limited (*) 100.00
CSN Steel Sections Polska Sp.Z.o.o 100.00
CSN Asia Limited 100.00
Direct interest in jointly controlled entities: proportionate consolidation
Itá Energética S.A. 48.75
CGPAR - Construção Pesada S.A. 50.00
Consórcio da Usina Hidrelétrica de Igarapava 17.92
Direct interest in jointly controlled entities: equity method
Nacional Minérios S.A. 60.00
MRS Logística S.A. 27.27
Aceros Del Orinoco S.A. 31.82
CBSI - Companhia Brasileira de Serviços de Infraestrutura 50.00
Transnordestina Logística S.A. 62.70
Indirect interest in jointly controlled entities: equity method
Namisa International Minérios SLU 60.00
Namisa Europe, Unipessoal Lda. 60.00
Namisa Handel GmbH 60.00
MRS Logística S.A. 6.00
Namisa Asia Limited 60.00
Direct interest is associates: equity method
Arvedi Metalfer do Brasil S.A. 20.00

(1) Company merged in May 2015
(2) New corporate name of CSN Steel Holdings 2, S.L.U., changed in May 2015

(*) Dormant companies

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