One of Brazil's largest intermodal logistics and infrastructure groups

EcoRodovias invests in the present and in the future, ensuring exports, imports and the circulation of goods in the domestic market.

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Governance Structure

EcoRodovias’ corporate governance structure consists of three main divisions: the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors’ Committees (Audit, People and Governance Management and Investments, Finance and Risks) and the Executive Board.

The Board of Directors operates in the institutional environment providing business guidance, approving plans and targets, establishing specific guidelines to be introduced and monitoring business performance of the EcoRodovias Group.

The Audit, People and Governance Management and Investments, Finance and Risks are non-deliberating entities that discuss, monitor and recommend approval of matters within its competence to the Board of Directors. Its job is to serve as a discussion forum to develop and align proposals and enhance the quality of the Board of Directors’ decisions.

The EcoRodovias Executive Board exercises shared management to systematically forge consensus among all its members, reinforcing team spirit and panel decision-making.

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