One of Brazil's largest intermodal logistics and infrastructure groups

EcoRodovias invests in the present and in the future, ensuring exports, imports and the circulation of goods in the domestic market.

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Denouncement Channel

The Denouncement Channel is a tool for all those who interact with Ecorodovias and its subsidiaries. The channel is designed to receive suggestions, queries and reports of breach of the Code of Conduct ("Report").>

All messages are received only by the Ethics Committee team and members.

How to fill a Report?

It is important that your Report is complete and detailed to enable us to conduct a thorough investigation. For this, you can send an e-mail to or complete the form below, providing the following information:

Description of the situation that violates the Code of Conduct.
Who? Name of the persons/companies involved, including any witnesses.
When? Approximate date (past, present or future) of the occurrence.
Where? Place of occurrence.
Why? The cause or reason or incentive for this situation or violation to occur.
How much? Is money involved? Is it measurable?
Evidence? Whether it exists and where it can be found. If documentary evidence is available, please attach it.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all of the above information.

This form may also be used to submit suggestions or queries regarding the Code of Conduct.

Report of Incident (Strict confidentiality guaranteed)

To view PDF files you need the plug-in Adobe PDF, if you have not already, download it here:



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