One of Brazil's largest intermodal logistics and infrastructure groups

EcoRodovias invests in the present and in the future, ensuring exports, imports and the circulation of goods in the domestic market.

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This is your channel of communication with the Investor Relations department of Ecorodovias. Speak with us, get answers to your questions, and give us your suggestions and criticisms. We want to know what you think and provide the best possible service.

EcoRodovias Infraestrutura e Logística S.A.
Rua Gomes de Carvalho, 1510
3 floor - Vila Olímpia
CEP 04547-005 - São Paulo - SP
Phone.: (55) - (11) 3787 2667
Fax.: (55) - (11) 3787 2668

Marcello Guidotti
Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer
Phone: (55) - (11) 3787 2667

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