One of Brazil's largest intermodal logistics and infrastructure groups

EcoRodovias invests in the present and in the future, ensuring exports, imports and the circulation of goods in the domestic market.

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Company Agency Rating Updates
Issue Issuer
EcoRodovias Concessões Standard & Poor´s 2nd issue brAAA (National) brAAA (National) 03/22/2019
Standard & Poor´s 6th issue brAAA (National) brAAA (National) 03/22/2019
Moody´s 1st issue Ba2 (Global) and (NSR) Ba2 (Global) and (NSR) 10/18/2019
Fitch Ratings 7th issue AA(bra) AA(bra) 08/15/2019
Fitch Ratings 8th issue AA(bra) AA(bra) 08/15/2019
Ecovias dos Imigrantes Standard & Poor´s 2nd issue brAAA (National) brAAA (National) 03/22/2019
Ecopistas Moody´s 1st issue Ba3 (Global) and (NSR) Ba3 (Global) and (NSR) 10/18/2019
Ecoponte Fitch Ratings 1st issue AA+(exp)(bra) - 10/07/2019

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