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Proxy Voting

Proxy Voting

Filling instructions

The proxy card must be completed if the shareholder elects to exercise their voting right through proxy vote, pursuant to CVM Instruction CVM 481/09, as amended.

In this case, the fields "Name" and "CNPJ or CPF" must be filled with the complete name (or company name) of the shareholder and the taxpayer registration number at the Ministry of Finance, of the legal entity (CNPJ) or the individual (CPF), and an e-mail address.

Moreover, the proxy vote will be considered valid and the votes cast will be counted in the quorum of the Meeting if:

  • all the fields are duly completed;
  • all the pages are initialed;
  • at the end, the shareholder or their legal representative(s), as applicable and pursuant to applicable law, sign the proxy card; and
  • notarization and consularization of the ballot will not be required.

Delivery instructions

Shareholders can send the instructions to fill the proxy vote:

  • through their custody agents, if the shares are held at a depositary bank;
  • through the Company’s transfer agent (Itaú Corretora de Valores S.A.), if shares are not held at a depositary bank; or
  • directly to the Company, as per the instructions described in item 12.2 of the Reference Form of the Company.

Pursuant to CVM Instruction 481/09, shareholders must send the instructions to complete the Proxy Card to their custody agents up to seven (7) days before the Meeting date.

Shareholders must contact their respective custody agents to check the procedures for issuing voting instructions through proxy vote, as well as the documents and information required for this purpose.

Mailing address and e-mail for sending proxy vote, if the shareholder wants to send the document directly to the Company

Shareholders who elect to send their proxy vote directly to the Company must send it to (i) Rua Gomes de Carvalho, 1.510 - conjuntos 31/32, Vila Olímpia, São Paulo, SP - CEP 04547-005, to the attention of the Investor Relations Department; or (ii) by e-mail to, in which case they must also send the original vote and certified copies of the required documents to the head office of the Company; the following documents, which must be sworn translated, notarized and consularized and /or apostilled, as applicable:

  • proxy vote related to the shareholders meeting, duly completed, initialed on all pages and signed;
  • proof of ownership of the Company’s shares, issued by the transfer agent and /or custody agent in the three days prior to sending the proxy card;
  • copy of the following documents:

For individuals: Identification document;
For legal entities: Latest restated bylaws or articles of incorporation and corporate documentation granting powers of representation, as well as identification document with photo of legal representative(s); and
For investment funds: Latest restated regulations of the fund and the bylaws or articles of incorporation of its administrator, and corporate documentation granting powers of representation, as well as identification document with photo of legal representative(s).

The following identification documents will be accepted if they have a photo: Brazilian (RG) or foreigner’s (RNE) identification card, Brazilian driver’s license (CNH), passport or membership cards of officially recognized professional associations.

The Company will acknowledge receipt of the proxy card and respective documents if these are fully in order and in accordance with above instructions, in up to three (3) days after receiving said documents. Pursuant to article 21-U of CVM Instruction 481/09, the Company will notify the shareholder if the documents received are satisfactory for the vote to be considered valid, or, if necessary, the procedures and deadlines for rectification or resubmission.

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