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Fundo Santa Catarina was formed to invest in innovative companies within the state of Santa Catarina. The fund is currently in the process of being raised, in accordance with CVM Instruction 209, and is expected to officially launch in the second half of 2009 with committed capital of approximately R$15 million.

Fundo Santa Catarina will be managed by DFJ FIR in partnership with BZ Plan, a local investment management company, with the objective of investing in the information and communications technology industries, and focused primarily on opportunities within the cities of Joinville, Blumenau, Jaraguá do Sul, São José, Brusque and São Francisco do Sul.

In addition to DFJ FIR, investors in Fundo Santa Catarina will include FINEP, SC-Parcerias S.A., Datasul, and Intelbrás, along with other private investors.

Rua Emilio Blum, 131
Centro - Florianópolis - SC
+55 48 3047-4704

AXADO is a company that facilitates communication between freight companies and their customers, allowing customers to compare prices, terms, payment methods and qualifications of carriers. The user chooses the supply of freight originated and addressed to anywhere in the country that best suits their need.

Rua Manoel Isidoro da Silveira, 488
Lagoa da Conceição - Florianópolis - SC
+55 48 3238-4413

The CATAMOEDA® was created to solve the problem of shortage of coins in circulation that cause losses to the owners of commercial establishments, affect customers who do not have change, and also require the government to extract more iron ores from the environment. Consumers can go to CATAMOEDA® partner establishment and deposit coins in one of their machines, which calculates the amount deposited and issues a voucher that can be spent shopping on-site.

Rua Carlos Daux, 8600 - Corporate Park - Bloco 5 - Sala 02
Santo Antônio de Lisboa - Florianópolis - SC
+55 48 2106-7852

ClicBusiness offers a networking solution that connects e-procurement portals for collaborating in procurement services. It is a portal with search tools for buyers and suppliers locating and managing electronic sales opportunities for suppliers. Share business information of common interest, but keeps the privacy and individuality of each company. It is the first solution on the market to publish consolidated demand from independent e-procurement portals, both private companies and public sector organizations.

Rua Otto Boehm, 756 - Sala 02
América - Joinville - SC

"Clube de Autores" or Authors Club is the largest self-publishing platform in Latin America that allows independent authors to publish their works without minimal re-print - on demand - and at no cost. The company currently represents about 10% of all books published in Brazil.


Rua Victor Konder, 2 - 5º Andar
Centro - Florianópolis - SC
+55 48 3239-2262

Myreks is a user-friendly social platform that allows users to recommend products to their online friends and accumulate "rekpoints" for each recommendation that turns into a sale. Moreover they can redeem their rekpoints for gift cards at Myreks online partner stores.

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