Operational Fleet and Fleet Plan

Fleet (End of Period)1Q151Q15var.
Boeing 737-NG Family 140 147 -7
737-800 NG** 105 111 -6
737-700 NG 35 36 -1
737-300 Classic* 7 -7
767-300/200* 1 -1
Financial Leasing (737-NG and 767) 45 46 -1
Operational Leasing 95 102 -7

* Non-operational

At the end of 1Q15, out of a total of 140 Boeing 737-NG aircraft, GOL was operating 136 aircraft on its routes. Of the 4 remaining aircraft, 3 were in the process of being returned to their lessors and 1 was sent via sub-leasing to an European airline.

GOL has 95 aircraft under operating leases and 45 under financial leases, 40 of which with a purchase option when their leasing contracts expire. In 1Q15, GOL received 1 aircraft B737 NG under operating lease and returned 2 B737 NGs.

The average age of the fleet was 7.5 years at the end of 1Q15. In order to maintain this indicator at low levels, the Company has 129 firm aircraft acquisition orders with Boeing for fleet renewal by 2026.

Fleet Plan20152016>2016Total
Fleet (End of Period) 140 139
Aircraft Commitments (R$ million)* 1,336.1 1,672.9 44,363.8 47,372.8
Pre-Delivery Payments (R$ million) 306.4 186.3 5,856.0 6,348.6
Total (R$ million) 1,782.50 1,998,20 50,219.80 53,721.40

* Considers aircraft list price

1.336,1 1.336,1

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