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9th Alagrete Rice Week

An important event in the rice sector was held in Alegrete, Rio Grande do Sul between May 29 and June 4, 2016 - Alegrete Rice Week, which every year attracts large numbers of growers from the state. This was the 9tth edition and Fertilizantes Heringer participated for the sixth consecutive year in this major initiative.

This year, there was an exceptionally large audience with visits from many renowned authorities from the state rice segment, which makes Rice Week such a notable event.

The GE21 Rio Grande team were present, represented by Marcus Teplizky, Unit Manager; Eduardo Timm, Head of Sales; Thiago Nunes, Technical Superintendent; and Daniel Sabbag, Regional Coordinator.

Agropecuária Pontes, our partner in the region, also attended, in the person of its owner, Vitor Pontes.

Throughout the event, there were many visitors from the region’s rice growers. On the night sponsored by Fertilizantes Heringer, there were lectures by Ernani Polo, the Rio Grande do Sul Minister of Agriculture, and Miguel Daoud, Canal Rural Consultant, which proved extremely popular. We also had the opportunity to talk about our unique technologies designed to increase harvest volume.

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