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Technical Development Workshop of Cooxupé - Guaxupé (MG)

On June 8, 2016, Fertilizantes Heringer took part in the Technical Development Workshop of Cooxupé in the city of Guaxupé (MG). The entire technical team of the Cooperative and the Technical/Sales team of Iguatama (MG) participated in the event. The event included lectures on the most varied topics focusing on the coffee industry.

Given the challenges and perspectives on the best and most efficient way to nourish coffee plants, the Technical Manager of Fertilizantes Heringer, Tales Graciano Coelho, gave an excellent lecture entitled FH Technologies for high productivity: improving the efficiency of fertilizers, reducing the volatility of N and alternatives to the supply of S to the coffee plant.

The event discussed the main nutritional technologies in the company’s extensive portfolio to help plants express their highest production standards, thus ensuring the continuity and sustainability of the sector.

During the event, Heringer’s Technical Manager presented the FH HUMICS, FH Nitro Mais, Linha Gold, Linha Premium technologies as well as research results and demonstration field results involving plant nutrition, particularly coffee plants.

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