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The 1st North Minas Pasture Circuit took place between September 26 and 30, 2016, comprising six seminars over five days organized by the Minas Gerais chapter of the Technical Assistance and Rural Extension Company (EMATER - MG) and supported by Fertilizantes Heringer.

The events were held in the municipalities of Pirapora, São Francisco, Januária, Janaúba, Salinas and Montes Claros and were attended by around 750 people, including specialists, cattle breeders, consultants, researchers and agrarian academics. The purpose of the circuit was to discuss technical information in order to foster the development of beef and dairy cattle raising in the region.

One of the lectures, entitled "Strategies for Ensuring the Long-Term Viability of Pasture in the North of Minas: what can and needs to be done?", was given by Fertilizantes Heringer professionals.

The Company maintains a specialist team consisting of zootechnicians, agronomists and agricultural technicians specializing in pasture to serve clients and sales channels through personal visits, lectures and training courses.

The North Minas region is a cattle-breeding benchmark for the state. Currently, it is suffering from poor weather conditions, so great care must be taken of the pasture which is the basis for animal feed output and, consequently, the maintenance of production in the field.

In this way, the Company is playing its part in offering breeders the knowledge and technology they need to maintain and develop the cattle-raising sector in North Minas.

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