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Fertilizantes Heringer, a company specializing in Plant Nutrition, has promoted a series of Field Days throughout the country - SHOW FH HUMICS. The goal is to demonstrate the superior characteristics of the FH HUMICS Technology, with RESULTS OBTAINED ON THE FIELD.

FH HUMICS - is a technology developed by Fertilizantes Heringer that incorporates complex organic substances with micro nutrients into the NPK formulas.

During the months of January and February, 2017, Fertilizantes Heringer‘s unit in Iguatama promoted four Field Days in the Minas Gerais cities of Martinho Campos, Pimenta, Iguatama and São João Batista do Glória. The producers present were able to see on the field the BIG PRODUCTIVITY SHOW in the corn and soybean crops enabled by FH HUMICS.

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