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We present below a brief description of Heringer’s main specialty fertilizers. For further information, please contact our technical area.

- FH ATTIVUS: Exclusive product for foliar application, made with nutrients combined with the BIOCOMPLEX technology that works in a strategic manner in the physiology of crops, intensifying the cellular metabolism and ensuring the full genetic potential (productivity), mainly under stress conditions. When regularly applied, FH ATTIVUS, through the BIOCOMPLEX technology, promotes the balanced growth and development of the plant.

- FH Micro Total: This line of products is made up of fertilizers that are 100% covered with micronutrients, for any formulation required, thereby guaranteeing uniformity in application and eliminating the problem of separation of micronutrients. Micro Total is characterized by the high solubility of its micronutrients.

- FH Humics: a technology developed by Fertilizantes Heringer S/A that incorporates humic substances (humic acids, fulvic acids and humins) and micronutrients into NPK formulations. Both humic substances and micronutrients are incorporated into all NPK granules based on the producers’ needs. It was developed in order to provide producers with the appropriate fertilizer for high-technology crops with high production potential. Formula versatility: The formulas are based on the clients’ needs, including raw materials such as MAP and KCL.

- FH Nitro Mais: Technology developed by Heringer to increase urea utilization by inhibiting urease, which is responsible for nitrogen loss through evaporation. It also contains Boron and Copper, two micronutrients that are essential for plants.

- Gold Line: high-technology products that supply sulfur in a balanced manner to ALL crops. Elemental sulfur is not directly absorbed by plants; however, soil microorganisms, such as Thiobacillus bacteria, rapidly transform sulfur into sulfate (SO₄-2), which is readily available for assimilation.

- FH Pastagem: provides all the nutrients that the pasture will need, based on the type of soil and the technological level of the farm. It has adequate levels of macro and micronutrient levels for planting and covering pastures.

- FH444: A mineral fertilizer characterized by a balanced mixture, developed for the fruit and greens market. Besides containing all the primary and secondary macronutrients, it also has balanced micronutrients and organic material to guarantee increased initial growth of plants.

- FH480: With its excellent chemical and physical characteristics, FH 480 is a phosphate formulated with macro and micro nutrients. Its raw materials were selected for their high quality, thus guaranteeing greater absorption by the roots. This fertilizer allows for immediate absorption of nutrients, mainly by the conilon coffee seedling, thanks to the presence of magnesium in its composition, while it is also ideal for phosphate fertilization with micronutrients.

- FH460: A phosphate-based fertilizer with excellent rooting characteristics. The market for the product is coffee production due to its initial balance, perfect for development of the plants. FH460’s main characteristic is that it releases phosphorus in the short, medium and long terms, in addition to possessing other macro and micronutrients.

- FH550: Being a flaky fertilizer, it has greater soil contact, which increases its availability to plants. Its formula contains soluble phosphorus and residual phosphorus in quantities sufficient to feed the crop over the short, medium and long terms. It also contains calcium and sulfur.

- FH CITRUS: A flaky phosphate-based fertilizer that can be used year-round in different crops. This fertilizer is meant for citrus fruit cultivation and contains balanced macro and micronutrients that meet the needs of this type of crop. It contains phosphorus with varying solubility, to be released over the short, medium and long terms, guaranteeing better absorption.

- FH EUCALIPTO: A combination of the most appropriate raw materials for eucalyptus plantation, with levels ideal for this crop at the beginning of its development. Micronutrients are balanced in the formula, as they were selected in accordance with the plant’s needs. The availability of nutrients guarantees better absorption by the roots, thereby generating better results.

- FH CÁLCIO (FH CALCIUM): Formulas prepared using calcium nitrate and potassium chloride. This product is extremely important for crops that require calcium, such as greens that present a calcium deficiency known as "black bottom." FH Cálcio formulas are totally water soluble and are quickly absorbed by plants.

- NATURAL REACTIVE PHOSPHATE - HERINGER: This is a flaky phosphorus-based fertilizer using organic and sedimentary materials, formed by the decomposition of marine animal and plant remains over the years. It is ideal for providing phosphorus in general, as well as to increase phosphorus content and/or recover/build soil fertility. The fertilizer has high phosphorus and calcium content, in addition to small quantities of other elements.

- Ferti Line: has excellent solubility and does not form precipitates. This means better yields and less maintenance (cleaning) in the irrigation system. We have the complete NPK and 100% soluble micronutrient line

- Foliar Line: comprises more than 40 products developed with highly soluble salts and high purity levels. In several formulations, we add high-performance chelates. The foliar line corrects nutritional deficiencies in the aerial area, enabling high productivity.

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