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One of the pillars on which Fertilizantes Heringer‘s operational excellence is based is its structure for studying and developing new agricultural techniques, which comprises the research center Ceagro (Agribusiness Study Center, in Vila Velha, Espírito Santo).

Ceagro, which has been hosting events since 2004, has had a busy calendar of conferences and meetings in recent months, involving professionals (directors, specialists and businessmen) from various agribusiness segments.

On October 24, 2009, Ceagro was the venue for the fourth and last day of the "Ist Espírito Santo Beef Cattle Breeding Congress", an event organized by the ACCN (Espírito Santo Nelori Cattle Breeders" Association) which was attended by around 300 people, including cattle breeders, producers, academics and specialists linked to the segment. The idea behind the initiative was to offer the visitors a chance to take part in a meeting on „Intensive Pasture-based Meat Production". The Chairman of the Company‘s Board of Directors, Dalton Dias Heringer welcomed the participants and opened the event by recounting the history of Fertilizantes Heringer, its current position in the fertilizer market and its support for cattle breeding in Espírito Santo.

November 2009 was another busy month at Ceagro. On the 14th, Dalton Dias Heringer hosted a lunch for Fausto Costa, director of Garoto, and Manoel Ceciliano, dean of the UVV (Vila Velha University Center). Also present were the president of the ACCN, Nabih Amin El Aouar, among others. After lunch, the guests were give a tour of Fazenda Paraíso‘s cattle breeding installations.

On November 18, Incaper (Espírito Santo Research and Extension Institute) hosted a meeting for Conilon coffee specialists to disclose the achievements of 2009 and the prospects for 2010, attended by eight regional directors, 14 researchers and 43 extensionists, representing 65 municipalities in Espírito Santo. Incaper‘s technical director, Ricardo Silva Baptista and researcher Romário Gava Ferrão, responsible for the Conilon Coffee Genetic Improvement Program, conducted the meeting. The lunch was also attended by Evair Vieira de Melo, Incaper‘s president.

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