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The Company invests in the research and development of new technologies which may be applied in its fertilizer production line. As result, Heringer currently has the largest portfolio of special products in the market, most of them with proprietary technology. The agronomic properties of these special products are superior to those of conventional fertilizers, ensuring higher crop yields. These improved yields are documented through experiments carried out by renowned research institutions, as well as the testimony of countless farmers who have used these fertilizers.

In 2006, Heringer launched a new product line utilizing its proprietary FH Micro Total technology, obtained through an innovative production process through which micronutrients are incorporated into the fertilizer granules, substantially improving their efficiency by increasing micronutrient application uniformity and solubility. Today, Micro Total technology is available in all the Company’s product formulations, given that it results in higher yields than conventional formulations, verified experimentally by renowned Brazilian research institutions. In order to ensure maximum quality of the micronutrients used in these products, the Company implemented a process in its Paulínia Unit II to produce micronutrients with the right grain size to ensure perfect coating of the fertilizer granules, generating a product with superior physical and agronomic characteristics.

In 2007 the Company launched the FH Nitro Mais technology, another pioneering product on the Brazilian market, which uses special micronutrient sources in order to minimize losses caused by urea volatilization. Following a series of experiments in conjunction with consultants, the Company developed a mixture of micronutrient sources which inhibits the action of urease (an enzyme which breaks down the urea molecule). The technology consists of covering the urea granules with this mixture, permitting the more efficient use of this important source of nitrogen. The product has being widely accepted by the market, since it combines two important benefits: lower nitrogen losses through volatilization and a widely available source of micronutrients for crops.

In addition, Heringer maintains an experienced and highly qualified technical team, composed of agronomists and zootechnicians, who are fully up-to-date with the latest trends in Brazilian crop fertilization. This team works in close association with important researchers in the field of soil fertility and plant nutrition, in order to ensure that they are always aware of the latest techniques and parameters regarding proper crop nutrition and fertilization

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