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Fertilizantes Heringer maintains three study and research centers, where growers are presented with cutting-edge technology to increase productivity. These centers also support the development of new products. Internal research is disclosed by the technical staff and specialized consultants at lectures, field days, and other agriculture events. Learn more about each one of them.


The Eloy Carlos Heringer Coffee Research Center (CEPEC) is a partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) whose purpose is to provide growers with research results obtained in the Center itself or in other institutions, seeking the most efficient means of working in mountainous regions, where intensive mechanization is not possible, focusing on economic, social and environmental sustainability. It is in the city of Martins Soares, in the forest zone of Minas Gerais, at an altitude of 740 m and with an experimental cultivated area of 10 ha.

Considered a national benchmark for technological development for high-altitude coffee cultivation, the Center was inaugurated in 1994 and conducts research in 5 areas: genetic improvement, crop management, beverage quality, phytosanitary control and, especially, coffee crop fertilization and nutrition. It also maintains a germplasm bank.

The Center develops projects in partnership with several universities of Brazil, and offers internship programs for Agronomy students and agricultural specialists.

Around 2,000 growers, students, researchers and specialists visit the Center every year and attend meetings where research results are disclosed. The Center also holds lectures, courses and debates with professors, researchers and advisors from various institutions.


The Pasture Management and Fertilization Center (CEMAP) was founded in 2003 to create and disseminate knowledge of production in pastures, and to deliver practical and objective technologies to growers, specialists, researchers and students throughout Brazil.

In order to be economically successful in beef and dairy cattle production, it is essential to intensify pastures through fertilization and rational use of forage.

CEMAP develops practical projects, such as nutrient sources and dosage, and their economic results. It also undertakes research into pasture management practices in order to increase the efficiency of forage crops, improving the productive and economic performance of the system.

CEMAP disseminates its work by giving more than 40 technical lectures to more than 3,500 people every year throughout Brazil. Our specialists offer courses, visits, field days and events with farmers, rural extension specialists, and undergraduate and graduate students.


The Agribusiness Study Center (CEAGRO), located in Vila Velha, Espírito Santo, is one of the pillars on which Fertilizantes Heringer‘s operational excellence is based. It is the Company’s structure for training and conventions held by its commercial and technical staff.

The Center, which has been hosting events since 2004, has a busy calendar of training events of the Heringer team, as well as conferences and meetings involving professionals from various agribusiness segments.

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