Environmental Policy

Home Sustainability UPDATED ON JANUARY 18, 2018

The following policies support our commitment to guide company actions in a manner that is environmentally sustainable:

  • Acknowledging Environmental Management as one of our priorities.
  • Perfecting our processes, products and services, seeking continuous improvement of our performance in terms of Environmental Protection.
  • Promoting human development, including guaranteeing the health, safety and well-being of our workers, our neighbouring communities and our consumers.
  • Maintaining a permanent dialog with the general community, seeking to disseminate enviro-friendly actions taken by our factories.
  • Systematically minimizing health and environmental risks that our industrial and business activities generate.

The company gives back to the community in each of the locations in which it operates by creating jobs, generating income and complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Job safety is a priority, and Heringer has developed various training workshops and has provided its employees with all necessary protective equipment commensurate with individual job requirements.

Heringer Fertilizers conducts business with its general public in an ethical and transparent manner. The Company has a Code of Conduct and provides a Communication Channel.

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