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News & Events // Award Ceremonies

Each year, IR Global Rankings celebrates the best ranked companies in regional event ceremonies around the world. For 2011, IR Global Rankings is pleased to announce a series of exciting and informative Investor Relations events for the capital markets.

These events will include demonstrations of IRGR‘s well-respected technical reviews, as well as a series of lectures and discussion panels, and the winners of each ranking will receive unparalleled exposure and recognition.

In 2011, the IRGR events will be staggered throughout the year so that the registration periods, technical analyses, results, feedback reports and the events themselves will take place in distinct periods for each region:

The IR Summit North America New York February 7, 2011
The IR Summit Europe London April 14, 2011
The IR Summit Asia/Pacific - China Shanghai September 20, 2011
The IR Summit Asia/Pacific - Taiwan Taipei September 29, 2011
The IR Summit Asia/Pacific - India Mumbai November 02, 2011
The IR Summit Latin America São Paulo November 22, 2011

For more detailed information, please consult our Calendar of Events.

Naturally, participating in such events is a great opportunity for networking, meeting other IR professionals, obtaining valuable contacts. There, you are able to share information, experiences, problems and solutions with others in your field.

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