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The ratings represent opinions about the capacity of an issuer to honor its financial commitments, such as interest and principal payments within the expected period. The credit ratings indicate an issuer´s default probability.

Information contained on this website is updated on a regular basis. Due to the nature of some of the information posted, it becomes outdated rapidly. Please, be advised that information contained in this section of the website is not updated, and may not reflect the current situation of the Company.

Agency Rating Type Last Revision
Fitch AA, Stable Outlook Local Currency Oct 07, 2020
BB, Stable Outlook Foreign Scale Oct 07, 2020
Standard & Poor´s BB, Stable Outlook Global Scale Oct 15, 2020
brAAA, Stable Outlook National Scale Oct 15, 2020
Ba3, Stable Outlook Global Scale Nov 25, 2020

Credit Rating Reports
October 07, 2020 Fitch - Minerva Credit Report
October 15, 2020 Standard & Poor‘s
November 25, 2020 Moody‘s