Reflexões de Liderança

Reflexões de Liderança

Um conjunto das nossas reflexões sobre o papel dos mercados emergentes na economia mundial.

Asia´s CAPEX Pickup in a Trio of Sectors

Signs of recovery are emerging around the region as evidenced in several industries.

Asia in the Age of Protectionism

How vulnerable is the region to protectionism and nationalist policies?

Case for an Unconstrained Bond Portfolio Infographic

An emerging market bias in fixed income investing may offer attractive risk-reward opportunities.

2017 Emerging Markets Mid-Year Update

The synchronous global cyclical recovery is supportive for key emerging markets.

Case for an Unconstrained Bond Portfolio

An unconstrained approach allows flexible risk allocation in dynamic market conditions.

Eastern & Central Europe: Beyond Political Headlines

Select European countries and sectors within the region offer growth opportunities at attractive valuations.

MSCI A-Shares Inclusion

MSCI’s Inclusion of China A-shares marks a milestone in the global equity markets.

The Next Big Thing

Big data is an increasingly important competitive advantage for technology players.

The Soft Data-Hard Data Conundrum

Market sentiment and economic data do not always move in sync with one another.

Affordable Housing in India

If executed well, the “Housing for All by 2022” scheme is a big opportunity as a multiplier effect that traverses sectors.

Korean Discount Brands: Another Aldi is Born

The discounter model is taking form in Korea and transforming food retail & distribution.

Reasons to be Positive on Emerging Markets

Improved macro fundamentals and positive readings are favorable for emerging markets.