Winner Innovation Category – 2007
1st Endeavor & EXAME SME Entrepreneur Award
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Prêmio Endeavor & EXAME PME de Empreendorismo.

Winner Growth Category – 2007
1st PEGN & FGV Successful Entrepreneur Award
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Prêmio Endeavor & EXAME PME de Empreendorismo.

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MZ Group is the leading provider of global capital market intelligence programs, investor relations technology solutions, a comprehensive investor-targeting database, investor relations consulting services and financial communications.

Our comprehensive technology platform includes a broad selection of corporate communication services (IR websites, corporate websites), SEC Compliance services (EDGAR & XBRL), board portals, capital market intelligence programs (IRShareflow & IRNavigator), media relations and corporate governance training along with investor relations consulting, all of which are seamlessly delivered through a single point of contact.

MZ Group is also a premier resource for institutional investors, brokers, analysts and private investors, enabling us to help diversify our clients‘ shareholder base. MZ Group team members share a deep understanding of our clients‘ business, growth strategy and financial position, enabling our firm to become a natural extension of the senior management team and a true value-added partner. Our organization works with top management to articulate the company’s business strategy and position in the market. This allows each company to attract high quality institutional ownership through proactive introductions while managing investor inquiries on an ongoing basis.

Our team’s public market experience includes investor relations, banking, brokerage and equity analysis, allowing us to provide our clients with timely analysis on market perception and current valuations as they assess perspective capital raises and acquisitions. Armed with the proper resources, we help our clients successfully navigate the public markets and make the most out of opportunities.

Last Update on November 22, 2011