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Investor Relations Programs

MZ supports its clients through the three fundamental pillars of any investor relations program:

  • Managing market expectations (analysts, journalists and other opinion makers);
  • Managing the shareholder and/or bondholder base;
  • Providing strategic input (actions to reduce value gaps).


Our strategy is founded on the experience and success gained from assisting hundreds of publicly traded companies in improving and perfecting their shareholder communications strategy. Often, companies are executing from a business standpoint, but find that they are not receiving a market multiple reflecting the company’s achievements and future growth prospects.

Our team works closely with management to establish an effective and targeted shareholder outreach campaign, which includes properly packaging their story, establishing the appropriate expectations, and providing consistent transparency into the business. The overall goal of these efforts leads to increased corporate visibility, greater shareholder diversification and a market multiple consistent with comparables, as well the company’s specific growth prospects.

Our Investor Relations program is designed to achieve two objectives for our clients in a crowded and competitive financial market landscape:

1) To achieve visibility and exposure to high quality investors.

2) To be a trusted partner providing sound advice, counsel and training and technology to maximize your public image, communication effectiveness and valuation.

Strategic Consulting

Shareholder Communication

Working with our team of investor relations professionals, MZ advises companies on structuring global IR programs and assessing the impact of business strategies on capital markets. Our customized messaging and IR programs include:

  • Management’s strategic vision
  • Key investment attributes
  • Business model and corporate branding
  • Competitive position and barriers to entry
  • Financial performance
  • Growth plans and industry drivers
  • Training for senior executives
  • M&A transactions and execution in crisis scenarios

We implement the story across multiple corporate communication tools with 24/7 service, rapid turnaround and frequent updates based on investor feedback:

Press Releases

  • Quarterly and Year End Earnings
  • Material releases such as acquisitions, new products, new management addition, and key business updates
  • Non-material releases such as conference and earnings announcements
  • Invitations for Conference Participation, Analyst Days and Investor Events

PowerPoint Presentations

  • Corporate and Earnings
  • Roadshows and Conferences
  • Special Events, including Shareholder Meetings

Conference Call Scripts

  • Quarterly Earnings Conference Call and Special Event Scripts

Corporate Profile/Investor Fact Sheet
MZ creates a concise two-page overview that articulates our client’s investment thesis. This corporate profile includes investment and financial highlights, basic stock information, management bios and other key information.

Media Relations

MZ works with our long-standing media contacts and financial newsletter editors to solicit coverage for our clients. For each client we begin by thoroughly understanding your business and objectives, and then build a target list of industry journalists and trade publications that follow the sector. We provide timely introductions and offer proactive placement of key news items, company profiles and industry write-ups on our portfolio of clients.

Financial Press/Writing

MZ delivers a full range of financial press release writing services for clients. Our services include counsel, drafting and editing of press releases on all material events, press release optimization for news search and targeted news distribution. MZ also disseminates news releases to its established database of financial professionals including: special situation analysts, brokers, fund managers, individual investors, money managers, and current or prospective individual shareholders who are already invested or have expressed an interest in our clients.

Global Corporate Access

MZ leverages our database of contacts to facilitate thousands of investor introductions each year. Both clients and investors place a high value on face-to-face meetings, creating trust and establishing relationships. We have extensive ties and direct access to key decision makers worldwide. Our services include:

  • Training & preparation
  • Capital market insight
  • Develop messaging & improve positioning
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Meetings booked with targeted brokers,
    analysts (buy-side and sell-side), and accredited investors
  • Intelligence on each contact
  • Real-time coaching throughout roadshow
  • Formal summary of meetings
  • Evaluate investor conference schedule
  • Travel and logistics
  • Printing and delivery of marketing materials

Capital Markets Training

Management‘s ability to communicate effectively with the capital markets is a critical element of any successful IR program. This enables a seamless delivery of the company’s value proposition and a command of the language of Wall Street.

  • Evaluate and refine management‘s corporate presentations, earnings calls and roadshows through practice sessions and Q&A. For key events and announcements, MZ creates a list of detailed FAQ’s that investors may ask, and ensures the responses are complete, focused and consistent.
  • Provide valuable capital markets consulting and analysis that helps clients capitalize on key business and market opportunities, while avoiding pitfalls. MZ staff counsels and educates senior management on the life cycle of the financial markets and most importantly how their company is impacted directly and indirectly by different macro and micro-economic variables. The team at MZ leverages its collective expertise gained on Wall Street, to ensure clients understand how to manage expectations, evaluate key valuation metrics and investment methodologies utilized by investment professionals, and why perception and corporate image are so important.

IR and Communication Programs for the Pre-IPO phase and Follow-On Offerings

Ideally, IR programs for companies in the process of going public begin well ahead of the kick-off meeting with the bank syndicate and lawyers.

  • Guidance on legal and advisable investor relations requirements
  • Support for developing and revising the business plan and model
  • Transaction schedule
  • Creation of the management presentation and training of senior executives
  • Opportunities and hazards when dealing with the media during the pre-IPO phase
  • Roadshow logistics and listing ceremonies at the stock exchanges
  • Development of the IR plan for the first post-listing year and training of the IR team
  • Creation of the IR website and initial materials (press releases, speeches, etc.)
  • Filings with regulatory agencies (HTML and XBRL)
  • Legal publications
  • Translation of documents

Consulting Services for the Board of Directors

MZ provides strategic advisory services to directors on the changes a company experiences when it goes public, and on how to assess the performance of IR efforts and create value for shareholders from the standpoint of the capital markets (including financing, M&A, stock buyback programs, dividend programs and legal aspects).

Crisis Communications

MZ prepares senior executives to administer crisis situations and effectively manage the company‘s relationship with the capital markets and media. The creation of a crisis manual for potential adverse situations and pre-approved actions minimizes damage and reinforces the client‘s positive image during the crisis.

Disclosure and Guidance

The development of an effective disclosure policy (in line with local requirements, Regulation FD and basic principles of transparency, equal treatment and access to information) is fundamental to any IR program. MZ also helps determine the guidance strategy and implement the disclosure infrastructure in order to comply with the applicable legislation and maximize exposure with investors.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance studies (of the region or industry) help give management a better understanding of best practices and potential gaps with investment peers, and of the importance of these practices to the capital markets. MZ provides its proprietary tool (corporate governance portal) to support board members in their primary responsibilities, facilitating secure interaction, the flow of information between committees and directors and the management of activities and agendas.

Peer Analysis

Managing investor and analyst perceptions of the company and/or industry is essential for maintaining effective competitive positioning and implementing a pro-active IR program.

  • Identification of value drivers
  • Understanding their competitive positioning/advantages and their respective strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT)
  • Dominating the main investment characteristics and the investors who trade the stock
  • Learning how the company and its peers communicate and how they are perceived

Mergers & Acquisitions

MZ provides communications services for acquisitions, offerings, defending hostile takeovers, shareholder conflicts and divestment of assets.

Last Update on January 14, 2014