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This MZ business unit offers consulting services specializing in offering financial solutions for publicly and closely held companies, as well as financial communication services for merger and acquisition processes.

Information Agent and Tender Offerings

MZ has extensive experience in tender offerings and also acts as information agent in annual and special shareholders’ meetings. Services include formulating communication strategies and maximizing the participation and adherence of shareholders in tender offerings and shareholder meetings through communication targeted to each specific shareholder profile.

MZ has a multidisciplinary team that delivers services ranging from determining the best strategy for each transaction to creating the content and layout of communication materials, hotsites and fact sheets for the transaction, as well as organizing and operating call centers (inbound and outbound) specialized in interacting with holders of stock, debentures and bonds.

Financial Modeling and M&A

A specialized team values the company‘s assets to support its decisions concerning investments, divestments and the identification of strategic partners to add value to the business. Services include:

  • Valuation opinions for mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, IPOs, planning and budgeting, validation of assumptions, calculation of the company’s real value;
  • Specific buy/sell side valuation metrics: base for discussions with analysts and studies of the methodologies used by buy- and sell-side analysts covering the company;
  • "What-if" models used by listed companies in their relations with buy-side investors and analysts. Research reports accompany the models developed, without MZ making specific recommendations regarding investments in the client‘s securities;
  • Simulation tool for analyzing the optimal capital structure, reviewing business models, formulating strategies, taking decisions, determining business objectives and policies, simulating scenarios and analyzing the impact of variables.

Industry Reports

MZ develops projects (sector reports) to assist clients in monitoring the performance of their industry and selecting relevant information for the decisions taken by senior management. These efforts are supported by surveys of investors and analysis of the opinions and recommendations of sell-side analysts and the financial media, as well as by MZ’s proprietary database. The projects encompass:

  • Analysis of the client‘s special needs;
  • Analysis of the specific sector;
  • Identification of peers (in both the financial market and specific industry);
  • Identification of industry operating indicators;
  • Analysis of the financial performance of industry peers;
  • Compilation of M&A news and developments in the period;
  • Analysis of the sector‘s performance in the capital markets;
  • Performance of the client’s business.

Financial Presentations and Management Training

MZ develops, reviews and provides specific training on pitching deals (for each target public). The presentations developed (content and layout) effectively and incisively portray the client‘s investment thesis.

  • Results for partners and investors;
  • Roadshows for IPOs and debt issues;
  • Credit analysts and rating agencies;
  • Merger and acquisition processes;
  • Presentations to banks and investors;
  • Presentations of funds (launches and funding);
  • Presentations to boards of directors and executive officers.

Online General Meetings

MZ developed an exclusive product to enable investors to participate and vote in meetings using digital certification to guarantee the identity of the company’s shareholders or the fund‘s investors. The innovative system was developed in conjunction with leading firms and CertSign/VeriSign, and Ernst & Young was hired to revise and improve the internal control environment of the Online General Meetings platform (WebTrust Seal). Go to www.assembleiasonline.com.br.

Financial Services for Small and Medium Enterprises

MZ assists companies in the process of preparing to tap equity (IPOs) and debt markets (debentures, bonds, etc.), seeking to enhance the market‘s perception of value while reducing the perception of risk. The communication programs created improve the quality of the company‘s management, which is essential for the transaction‘s success and pricing process. Activities include:

  • Structuring of the communication program and strategic repositioning (how the client wants to be perceived by the market vis-à-vis peers);
  • Development of financial websites (with or without passwords);
  • Development of earnings releases, including management‘s analysis of performance (adapted to the target public: investors and specialized media);
  • Structuring of applications for funding and modeling at government and multilateral agencies (IFC, IADB, BNDES, etc.);
  • Support for credit rating processes: preparation of documentation, adjustment and consolidation of financial statements, strategic planning, forecasts and budgets, investment plans and analysis of market positioning.

Other Financial Services

  • Project Finance: structuring of projects (formulation, negotiation and drafting of contracts), development of business plans and identification of and negotiation with investors and partners that have the resources needed to make the project a success;
  • Corporate Finance: support for mergers and acquisitions, financial turnarounds and restructurings and for formulating the company‘s financial policy;
  • Structured Finance: support for identifying lower-cost funding sources. MZ compares the proposals made by financial agents and coordinates the credit rating processes.
Last Update on January 14, 2014