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With more than 10 years of experience specializing in investor relations, MZ TECH has developed proprietary technology systems that enable customers to effectively manage their communications with the capital markets while assuring the best cost-benefit relationship.

The systems were created by IR specialists who closely monitor the latest trends in online financial communications (IR Global Rankings) and seek integrated solutions that increase the efficiency of IR programs.

Website Publishing System

  • User-friendly and multi-language tool for developing, hosting and maintaining websites;
  • Customized web designs developed by in-house team (no cookie-cutter solutions);
  • Development of HTML content (investment messages, presentations, fact sheets, corporate governance, hot sites, etc.);
  • Web 2.0 Integration, RSS, Podcast, Twitter, YouTube;
  • Data redundancy/security with high levels of availability and reliability;
  • Service 24/7.

Technological Content, E-mails and Online Tools

  • Delivery of mailings to investors/analysts, supported by receipt reports;
  • Interactive fundamentals (information organized to support analyses and projections of the Company‘s results, with downloadable Excel spreadsheets);
  • Analysts‘ estimates (tool that gathers the main projections of sell-side analysts);
  • Satisfaction surveys and online perception studies.

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CRM System for Managing Investors and Shareholder Bases

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system was developed to meet IR management needs involving:

  • Trends in the shareholder base;
  • History of investment relationships (meetings, to-do, follow-ups, etc.);
  • Activities and assessments to improve the effectiveness of the IR team.

Intelligent Webcast

  • Webcasts or on-demand transmissions of audio, slides and/or videos of conference calls and meetings with investors;
  • Online surveys;
  • Online RSVPs;
  • Conference calls;
  • Transcriptions (including distribution to wire channels in XML);
  • Hot sites (integration of webcasts with other information concerning the event disclosed);
  • Presentations (layout and content).

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Real-time Disclosure

  • Filings at CVM and SEC in HTML (EDGAR Filings);
  • Special services in XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language) for US GAAP, IFRS and BR GAAP;
  • Service 24/7;
  • Instantaneous updating of IR websites;
  • Distribution to wire channels directly in XML of earnings releases, press releases, financial statements, notices, etc.

Corporate Governance Portals

  • Secure interaction for board members;
  • Management of the activities of boards of directors and clients’ main stakeholders;
  • Restricted websites (confidential and tracked information).

Assembleias Online

Assembleias Online is an exclusive system for participating and voting remotely at meetings using digital certificates. This system was developed in conjunction with leading law firms and CertSign/VeriSign. Ernst & Young was also hired to revise and optimize the internal control environment of the Assembléias Online platform (WebTrust seal).

Last Update on January 14, 2014