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IRShareflow is an interactive, web-based surveillance tool for monitoring and evaluating trading activity. This powerful platform combines stock trading history, corporate events, and investor activity in “real-time”.

Leveraging MZ’s surveillance infrastructure, IRShareflow empowers corporate management with insight into the drivers of their stock, providing a visual understanding to important trends in shareholder makeup.

Understand the connection between who was active, when, how the stock was affected, and what catalyst surrounded that reaction. Be proactive in managing shareholders and provide answers to management’s questions.

Did institutions react to the earnings announcement, if so, how?

Are there any major hedge fund accumulations in my stock? (Activism concerns)

My stock underperformed on this trading session(s), who was holding it back? (or vice versa)

Did the 1-on-1 meetings at an investor conference garner any institutional interest?

A Sell-Side analyst just initiated coverage or downgraded your stock- who reacted to it?

Is my retail outreach program working?

IRShareflow product features:

Time Navigation Panel

IREvent Detail

Data Table

Trading Close up

Panel Selector

Institutional, Hedge Fund and Retail

Shareflow/Money Flow/Percentage traded

Excel Export

Last Update on November 09, 2011