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Hot Targets is an online quantitative targeting solution that combines fundamental and peer/sector-based models to produce a proprietary Hot Targets grade for institutions and funds.

Significant Features

View how prospective shareholders rank by Hot Targets Fundamental Grade, and by IP Grade (Hot Targets proprietary peer/sector grade).

Users of Hot Targets now have insight into how grades are compiled - grades are no longer a mysterious black box to corporate Investor Relations officers. The Hot Targets Fundamental Grade identifies how a shareholder scores for various fundamental categories, while the IP Grade adds additional peer/sector factors.

Hot Targets also factors Surveillance into the Hot Targets Grade. More than just utilizing the latest current surveillance ownership, Hot Targets factors latest purchases and sells into its models, which drive and influence the Hot Targets Grade.

In addition, Hot Targets features Purchasing Power, targeting by Metro Cities, and identification of key contacts.

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Last Update on November 09, 2011