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History and Company Profile

Óleo e Gás Participações S.A. is a Brazilian company that has been holding interest in Dommo Energia S.A. since 2007, and is engaged in energy-related activities. OGPar is currently a holding company with investments in Brazil.

The Company began its activities in November 2007, with investments in Dommo Energia. After going public in 2008, the Company allocated funds to its wholly-owned subsidiary for projects in the oil and gas sector. The subsidiary Dommo Energia participated in the ANP’s Ninth Round of Bidding and acquired the concession right of several exploration blocks in the Santos, Campos, Espírito Santo and Pará-Maranhão basins.

In January 2012, Dommo Energia’s began producing oil in the Tubarão Azul field (Waimea accumulation), in the Campos Basin; production was suspended in August 2015. In December 2013, the Company began producing oil in the Tubarão Martelo field (Waikiki accumulation), also located in the Campos Basin, which remains operational and is currently the only field operated by Dommo Energia. Production in the Tubarão Martelo field is being carried out through FPSO OSX-3 and reached 10 million barrels of oil in 2016. The Company also has a 40% stake in the BS-4 block, located in the Santos Basin, which began its production in May 2018.

Both companies, OGpar and Dommo Energia, filed for Court-Supervised Reorganization in 2013 and their plans were approved at the General Creditors’ Meeting on June 3, 2014. As expected in the Court-Supervised Reorganization Plan, OGpar’s stake in Dommo Energia reduced from 25.89% to 1.29%.