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Bylaws and Policies


Necessarily approved by the Company‘s shareholders at the General Meeting, the Bylaw is the document that sets out the basic rules of operation of the Company containing, inclusive, the minimum clauses determined by the New Market Regulation.

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Disclosure and Use of Information Policy

The Disclosure and Use of Information Policy has the purpose of establishing the guidelines and proceedings for use and disclosure of material information related to the Company, as well as for confidentiality of privileged information, whilst such information has not been disclosed to the market

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Securities Trading Policy

The purpose of the Securities Trading Policy is to set forth the rules and procedures applicable when trading in Securities issued by the Company, so as to prevent insider trading, in other words, the misuse of privileged or material information by any person that has access to such information as a result of a position held in the Company or services performed for the Company, in order to obtain undue financial advantages for themselves or for others by means of trading securities issued by the Company.

The rules contained in this Policy also set forth periods during which the parties to which such Policy apply shall refrain from trading in securities issued by the Company, in order to avoid any questions or suspicions in connection with the undue use of privileged information or material information that has not yet been disclosed to the public.

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