Corporate Profile

São Martinho S.A. is one of the largest sugar and ethanol groups in Brazil, with annual sugarcane crushing capacity of 24 million metric tons. It operates four mills: São Martinho, in Pradópolis (in the Ribeirão Preto region of São Paulo); Iracema, in Iracemápolis, (in the Limeira region of São Paulo), Santa Cruz, in Américo Brasiliense (SP) and Boa Vista, in Quirinópolis, 300 kilometers from Goiânia (GO). The company also has a production unit of ribonucleic acid, Omtek, located in Iracemápolis too. The group‘s average harvest mechanization ratio is 99.8%, with this figure reaching 100% at Boa Vista Mill.

São Martinho, Iracema and Santa Cruz mills produce both sugar and ethanol, while Boa Vista mill exclusively produces ethanol. All the mills generate electric power from the burning of sugarcane bagasse, assuring electricity self-sufficiency and the sale of surplus power (except for Iracema mill).

In the 2017/2018 crop year, the Company processed 22.2 million tons of sugarcane. This raw material processing resulted in the production of 1,407 thousand tons of sugar and 953 thousand m³ of ethanol.

Following a comprehensive professionalization process, in February 2007, São Martinho Group stock began trading on the Novo Mercado Special Corporate Governance Segment of the São Paulo Stock Exchange (BM&FBovespa), the highest corporate governance level, under the ticker SMTO3.

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