Iracema Mill
Proximity to Port of Santos facilitates logistics

Located in Iracemápolis, a city in the Limeira region of the state of São Paulo, which was one of the first centers of the state‘s sugar industry in the past century, the Iracema Mill has been producing ethanol and sugar for over 70 years. The greater proximity to the Port of Santos in comparison with other mills represents an advantage in terms of logistics for exporting production.

São Martinho has invested in the Iracema Mill in recent years in order to modernize its industrial facilities and optimize the management of the agricultural area. New equipment at the mill and in the fields, combined with an intense program to develop and train over 2,000 employees, have transformed Iracema into a plant that is ready to overcome the current productivity challenges of the sugar and ethanol sector.

The unit crushes around 3 million metric tons of sugarcane per harvest year and its mechanized harvest index has been steadily increasing. Sugarcane is cultivated on some 30,000 hectares of own and third-party properties. The mill also the flexibility to change its production mix between ethanol and sugar, enabling a mix aligned with market trends.

The mill sponsors various social initiatives, especially in the cities of Iracemápolis and Limeira, and also has a continuous environmental management project to recover riparian areas and preservation areas and to reuse waste from production processes.

Iracema Mill
Usina Iracema s/nº - Zona Rural - CEP 13495-000 - Iracemápolis/SP
Phone: +55 (19) 3456 7700

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