São Martinho Mill
High storage capacity gives an important advantage

The São Martinho Mill, which is located in Pradópolis, São Paulo, is the world‘s largest sugarcane mill, crushing 10 million metric tons per harvest. Founded in 1948, it has nearly 5,000 employees and has become an industry benchmark due to both its size and excellence in agribusiness processes.

Various management programs, regular training programs and high levels of integration between the agricultural and industrial areas ensure higher yields at competitive costs.

Its mechanization index, which is one of the highest among major producers in the industry, and its concern with the environment are references in the sugar and ethanol industry. The unit created the "Viva a Cana" program, which seeks to protect sugarcane production areas, and also maintains the Environmental Education Center (CEA), a facility that supports and promotes environmental preservation among students and the community.

Another important competitive advantage is its logistics area, which provides competitive advantages that including bulk sugar storage and an internal railroad siding that allows the ethanol and sugar produced to be transported by rail to the Port of Santos, combining convenience with lower costs.

The São Martinho Mill also houses the Group’s Shared Services Center (CSC), which optimizes the management of the group‘s operations.

São Martinho Mill
Fazenda São Martinho s/n - Zona Rural - CEP 14850-000 - Pradópolis/SP
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