Training and Development

São Martinho has always had as a priority to invest in its employees based on the belief that human resources is the company’s main strength, potential and advantage. The HR area has fine-tuned its management in recent years, resulting in gains for the entire organization, which currently has over 8,000 employees. For São Martinho, creating opportunities, refining competencies and enhancing motivation become the prime objectives when preparing teams to face even greater challenges.

Employees receive technical, practical and behavioral training every year. Those trainings improve skills and knowledge of the latest developments and increases motivation, versatility and commitment, which are essential characteristics in the job market.

The company also maintains a scholarship program designed to develop the skills needed to improve performance. The program comprises technical, undergraduate and graduate courses.


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Due to technological advances and environmental issues, manual labor is gradually being substituted by mechanized processes in the planting and harvesting of raw material. With the aim of requalifying the employees carrying out manual activities and to meet the current and future demand, the Group constantly invests in employee training.
Notable among the programs conducted by the Company and in the community are:

- Training for Agricultural Workers: An approximately 18-month program held in partnership with the National Industrial Learning Service (SENAI), targeted at rural workers.
A total of 600 hours are dedicated to classroom learning, which could be at the Company or at the local SENAI center. Practice sessions are carried out in the maintenance workshops. Upon conclusion of the program, participating employees may be promoted depending on vacancies. At the end of the 2009 program, 100% of the members were promoted internally.

- Training for Agricultural Machinery Operators and Drivers: A program carried out by internal monitors or in partnership with SENAI (photo), with the objective of training professionals to become drivers or to operate agricultural machinery.

Renewal Program: Coordinated by UNICA, the sugarcane industry association and FERAESP, the Federation of Salaried Rural Workers of the State of São Paulo, the program (photo) aims to train seven thousand rural workers to meet the demands of the sector and the communities in São Paulo state. The São Martinho was a member of the project organization committee and also hosted these worker’s activities, besides receiving employees from various mills. In 2010, the project retrained 1,712 rural workers from 120 mills in 8 different operations. Of this total, 183 (10.7%) are employed within the São Martinho and Iracema units.

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