Recruitment and Selection

São Martinho ensures equality of access to professional development opportunities in accordance with objective criteria based on abilities, skills, job profile and individual contribution. The Company invests in technical and behavioral training and in scholarship programs that contribute to knowledge acquisition and encourage the continued development of its employees. The following initiatives were accomplished:

- Trainee Program: Every two years, São Martinho opens internal and external selection processes for trainees who have recently graduated from university or courses related to the Company’s business, with the objective of training people to become the leaders of tomorrow and to hold strategic positions within the Company. Each manager is responsible for defining the profile and number of trainees required. The selection process follows the Group’s recruitment and selection policies and offers opportunities for both personal and professional development and also for acquiring knowledge about the candidate’s position within the Company.

At the end of the two years, the manager is responsible for guiding the trainee under his responsibility, taking into consideration the Group’s career plan. In 2010, the program selected 27 current employees and 24 new employees (photo). Also in 2010, 15 trainees who participated in the 2009 program were promoted.

- SENAI Apprentice Program: In accordance with legislation and the Company‘s social role with the community, the São Martinho has 44 SENAI apprentices on its payroll. Youth who have completed junior high school and currently in the 1st year of the course may participate in the SENAI Vocational Training Program. Vacancies are available for students of Industrial Mechanics, Electric and Electronics, Auto Mechanics and Boiler Shop. The scholarship holder is hired as a SENAI apprentice on a special contract for a maximum term of two years.

- Internship Program: São Martinho‘s Internship Program is targeted at vocational education and college students. The objective is to apply theoretical knowledge in real life situations in preparation of for the future. The program is based on the Labor Law and hence complies with all necessary obligations and requirements.

The internship also aims to discover new talents to add to the database of qualified candidates who may join the Group in the future. If the intern shows potential, they may hold any position in the Group. There are agreements with vocational education schools and colleges in the regions where the units are located and with other educational centers that offer training and necessary knowledge for the São Martinho Group’s business.

- First Job Program: In partnership with institutions in the municipalities of Iracemápolis, Quirinópolis and Pradópolis, the São Martinho invests in social programs that provide access to the job market for approximately 55 youth aged between 16 and 18. Students of public high schools in these communities will have the opportunity to work in the administrative area and experience the responsibilities of the job, while receiving salary and benefits. In addition, there is the possibility of remaining at the Company at the end of the program.

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