Compensation and Recognition

The São Martinho uses the total compensation concept and for this, it adopts mechanisms that identify and reward individual, team (variable compensation) and organizational performance (PPR). It also offers a complete benefits package, which corresponds to 16% of the compensation mix. Management of compensation is one of the factors in hiring, grooming and retaining talent within the Company. Compensation-related concepts, policies and procedures are disseminated to all employees and used as a people management tool. More details follow:

PPR: The Profit Sharing Plan (PPR) is a type of compensation that distributes in the form of salary, the profit earned by the company through its employees’ contribution in achieving and/or surpassing targets. All employees with an effective employment agreement are eligible for a share of the profit.

Variable Compensation: is based on performance metrics for the teams and the processes, while also taking individual achievement into consideration.

In addition to the compensation, employees are offered a full benefits package that includes healthcare plan, private pension, dental and pharmaceutical assistance, meals, basic food basket, transport and life insurance, in addition to other benefits specific to each unit.

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