Environmental Projects
Seedling nursery at the São Martinho Mill

São Martinho believes that production should be in harmony with the environment. It therefore invests in a series of environmental preservation and educational activities and initiatives in all of its units.

  • Environmental Education Center (CEA): created in 2000, the educational center focused on preserving Earth’s natural resources has already received over 50,000 visitors. The main objective is to increase awareness among students, employees and the general community about the importance of preserving and respecting the environment. The project is developed at the São Martinho Mill in Pradópolis, São Paulo and at the Boa Vista Mill in Quirinópolis, Goiás.
  • Seedling Nursery: each year the nursery produces approximately 260,000 seedlings of 210 different native species. Of this total, 165,000 come from the São Martinho Mill in São Paulo, 79,000 come from the Santa Cruz Mill in São Paulo, while the other 16,000 come from the Boa Vista Mill in Goiás, with all seedlings used in the reforestation projects for the Group’s riparian and native vegetation areas or in partnerships with environmental authorities. The nursery also donates seedlings to the government and to local communities.
  • Viva a Natureza Project: launched in 2000 at the São Martinho Mill in Pradópolis, São Paulo, this project was launched with an initial target of planting 1 million native seedlings over 10 years to rebuild riparian areas in every municipality where the company operates. This program currently involves all of the Group’s other units, such as the Iracema Mill in Iracemápolis, a city in the Limeira region of São Paulo state, and the Boa Vista Mill in Quirinópolis, Goiás. The program has already surpassed the mark of 1.8 million seedlings planted.
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