Productive Processes: Recycling of Waste
Ferti-irrigation with vinasse

In the sugar and ethanol industry nothing is wasted - everything is transformed. São Martinho’s units maintain a series of initiatives throughout the entire agricultural and industrial chain aimed at increasing productivity and optimizing the use of waste.

  • Vinasse: this is a liquid byproduct of distillation that occurs during the ethanol production process. It is rich in potassium, a nutrient necessary in fertilizers used on sugarcane plantations. Through rigorously controlled procedures, the vinasse is applied for fertigation, a fertilizing technique that uses irrigation water to carry nutrients to the soil under cultivation. Water jets discharged into the air fall like rain over large areas of the sugarcane plantations in order facilitate application.
  • Filter Cake: generated during the clarification process of sugarcane juice, filter cake is rich in phosphorus and organic matter. After being treated and complemented with nutrients, the filter cake is used in a compound applied to cuttings and ratoons as a substitute for mineral fertilizers.
  • Rational use of water: the company invests in projects to reduce the amount of water captured from the environment for the sugar and ethanol production processes. Both the agricultural and industrial areas of São Martinho‘s four units adopt this stance for controlling the amount of water used.
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