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São Martinho‘s relationship with society is inseparable from its business, which is why one of the Company’s values is respect for people, and anther of its pillars (community).

Through its social responsibility policy, the Company establishes guidelines aimed at social management based on an ethical and transparent relationship with its stakeholders.

Each year, the Group allocates resources to support projects and social responsibility actions, prioritizing basic and vocational education areas, as well as sports and culture, generating value for society. These initiatives are aimed at the social and economic development of local communities, as listed below.

São Martinho Race

The annual race has a 5 km course and a 10 km course and aims to promote teambuilding among employees from the Company’s several units, in addition to raising awareness of health. The courses go through trails that cross the Usina São Martinho’s cane fields.

The race has been increasingly attracting the interest of professional athletes - so much so that, as it is held at the end of the year, it has been used by marathon runners in preparation for the traditional São Silvestre Race.

The event is open to public participation and the awards are divided into categories (male, female, child, by age group, employees and non-employees). The 2016 edition was the eighth to be held and brought together approximately 1,500 runners.

Estação Cultura

The Estação Cultura (Culture Station) project, promoted by the São Martinho in partnership with Cia EmCena Brasil, promotes an itinerant action in October, with theater plays, cinema and cultural workshops.

The project’s stage on wheels and caravan stop at the main squares of cities such as Pradópolis, Quirinópolis, Américo Brasiliense and Iracemápolis, where the whole community can participate in the spectacle held during a weekend full of culture!

Tifui Project

The Usina Iracema Internal Soccer Tournament (Tifui) is held every year during the off-season period. It is a way to further integrate employees and provides moments of leisure and relaxation.

All materials and resources used for the games, which take place inside the unit, are provided by the Company.

Book Fair

Since 2011, Usina São Martinho has provided its employees with a visit to the National Book Fair of Ribeirão Preto. In 2016, the Fair’s theme was "Viva o escritor, salve, salve o leitor" (Long live the writer, save the reader). The company also encourages reading through book donations by the visitors of the fair.

In 2016, about 30 teenagers from the Projov program benefited, as well as 90 employees.

Campanha do Agasalho (Winter clothing donation campaign)

An annual philanthropic initiative that aims to collect clothes and blankets for social institutions surrounding the units of the São Martinho.

"Projov" First job and "Patrulheiros" projects

Developed in partnership with Iracemápolis and Pradópolis institutions, the projects provide access to the job market for young people aged 16 to 18 years old.

The projects also offer training and career opportunities to public school students. At the end of the program, they have the opportunity to remain in the Company and also to participate in internal recruitment processes up to one year after leaving the program.

Future Entrepreneurs Program

Developed in Iracemápolis, the project aims to show secondary school students how a company works. The action includes the introduction of concepts such as marketing, finance, human resources and production.

For 15 weeks, the participants have the opportunity to develop and sell a product, based on market research developed and executed by them under the supervision of volunteer employees of the São Martinho.

The students’ participation is also voluntary, since the classes are given during the schools’ extra-curricular shift. The project is the result of the Company‘s partnership with the Junior Achievement and Instituto de Desenvolvimento de Limeira (Ideli) NGOs.

Sesi Games Project

Partnership between the Brazilian Social Services for the Industry (SESI) and Usina Iracema, the program seeks to encourage the practice of sports and teamwork among employees.

The competition includes several modalities, such as swimming, chess and athletics.


Project carried out by Usina Iracema in partnership with Fundação Bradesco and the municipal government of Iracemápolis.

It annually provides young people and adults the opportunity to resume their studies. A total of four equipped tele-classrooms, didactic material and monitors are provided by the Company. Since 2012, thousands of people have completed elementary and secondary school education through the project.

Bom Ano Escolar Project

Developed in Usina Iracema and Usina Santa Cruz, the program helps employees to keep their children in school, reinforcing the importance of education through the delivery of school supplies kits.

Each year, applications are open for employees to request the benefit, which is distributed in February. There are two types of kits: one for elementary education students and one for secondary education students. In Santa Cruz, there are three types of kits: one for pre-school students, one for elementary education students and one for secondary education to technical education students. In 2016, 1,600 kits were distributed.

Natal sem Fome Campaign

Promoted in partnership with social institutions, the Group collects non-perishable food during October and November, stimulating solidarity and volunteering among employees and benefiting the low income community in December.

Empresa Cidadã Program

Since 2010, the São Martinho has been adopting the extension of the maternity leave period from 120 days to 180 days, and now it also adopts the extension of the paternity leave from 5 to 15 days, as granted by the Federal Government. With this, 100% of the Company‘s mothers can choose to stay at home up to six months after giving birth before returning to work. This initiative is still little practiced in the market.

Apprentice Program

Held in partnership with the Brazilian National Service for Industrial Learning (SENAI), the program provides professional training for the Company’s apprentices, aged between 16 and 18 years old.

They participate in industrial apprenticeship courses for the positions of electrician of electronic systems and mechanic of industrial machines maintenance.

Social and economically active inclusion

Reinforcing its commitment to diversity, the São Martinho promotes professional training courses for people with disabilities, in partnership with the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE), the Brazilian National Service for Industrial Learning (SENAI) and the municipal governments of Guariba, Pradópolis, Barrinha, Araraquara and Américo Brasiliense.

The project, which started in February 2013, prepares participants for the job market, promoting social inclusion and training of economically active citizens.

The students are professionally qualified by Senai through specific training with specialized teachers and monitoring of a multi-professional team.

130 apprentices have already participated in the project, with training for positions such as administrative assistant and warehouse operative. At the end of the course, which lasts about one year, all participants receive a professional qualification certificate.

In 2015, 16 participants started working at Usina São Martinho as warehouse operatives or administrative assistants. The project also helps to improve their self-esteem, brings opportunities for personal and professional development and the possibility of entering the job market, with a consequent increase in income.

The Company also promotes other initiatives to help people with disabilities, such as the monthly contribution of Usina Iracema to the Limeirense Children‘s Rehabilitation Association (Aril). To improve the quality of care of the institution, the unit also provides physical space and management support. As recognition, the unit receives the "Empresa Amiga da Aril" seal every year.

In addition, the São Martinho develops an internal re-adaptation project for employees who are able to go back to work according to the INSS. As these professionals can not return to their original position in the Company, they would have to remain without the INSS benefit and without a salary. To avoid this, the re-adaptation project takes place at the Company‘s own initiative and costs.

Mayor Virgínio Ometto Theater

Usina Iracema, in partnership with the Association of Art and Culture Movement of Iracemápolis (Amaci), promoted the renovation of the city‘s old cinema, which was transformed into a modern and cozy cinema theater. Inaugurated in the 14/15 harvest, the project received investments of over R$2 million; part of this amount was obtained through the Rouanet Law and financing from the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES). The goal is to provide moments of leisure and culture to the community in a structure that has the capacity to receive 324 people and a 12-meter-long stage, which allows the realization of all kinds of shows.

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