Sustainability Management

Sustainability is one of the strategic pillars of São Martinho and is present in the company’s mission to offer products in innovative ways that ensure the preservation of existing natural resources. To São Martinho, having ethanol, sugar, electric power and other byproducts of sugarcane, which is a renewable resource, as the essence of its business goes beyond merely making a commitment to the environment, community, clients, partners and consumers. It provides an important opportunity to promote the company‘s growth while supporting the wellbeing of future generations.

Sustainability permeates the São Martinho‘s entire production chain, ranging from the responsible use of soil, the mechanized planting and harvesting of sugarcane, the re-use of waste products in the production process, respect for and conservation of the environment, ethics and corporate governance, and even its relationship with the community and other stakeholders.

The concept of sustainability has always been a part of the company’s culture and has permeated the way it operates and manages its business. São Martinho has historically invested in improvements to its processes, technologies and initiatives, which not only reflects its concern with sustainability, but also improves its operational efficiency.

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