Corporate Profile

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General Vision

We believe we are one of the largest private post-secondary organizations in the on-campus and distance learning modalities in Brazil in terms of number of units, with operations mainly in the Northeast, North and Southeast regions of the country. On December 31, 2017, our platform comprised 73 units, distributed in all Brazilian states. We currently have 152,4 enrolled students, 134,000 of whom in on-campus undergraduate courses, 9,5 in distance learning undergraduate courses and 6,4 in graduate courses.

Our strategy is to operate in an integrated manner through brands with great regional appeal that are widely recognized by students, professors and employers in each of the regions: Uninassau, Faculdades Maurício de Nassau, Faculdades Joaquim Nabuco (Northeast); Universidade da Amazônia - UNAMA (North); and Universidade de Guarulhos (Southeast). In order to increase our presence in the Southeast, South and Midwest regions, we launched a new brand, UNIVERITAS, in 2016. Based on the performance of its first unit, launched in Rio de Janeiro, and its integration with the UNG brand, we believe that UNIVERITAS - which was born with more than 15,000 students, a University, a University Center and accreditation to operate in the distance learning segment - will complement our national brand portfolio.