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Who we are

SLC Agrícola, founded in 1977 by the SLC Group, is a Brazil-based agricultural producer, focusing on cotton, soybean and corn. It was the first Company of its sector (grains and cotton) in the world whose shares were traded in a Stock Exchange, thus becoming a global benchmark in agribusiness. The Company operates 15 farms strategically located in six Brazilian states, totaling 370 thousand hectares in the 2014/15 marketing year, with estimated planted area of 377 thousand hectares in the 2015/16 marketing year - 211.4 thousand of which planted with soybean, 93.6 thousand with cotton, 60.9 thousand with corn, and 11.2 thousand with other crops, including sunflower, wheat, corn seed, soybean seed and sugarcane. The Company’s business model is based on a large-scale, modern production system, with standardized production units, thoroughly up-to-date technology and rigorous cost control, underpinned by social and environmental responsibility.

Since its inception, SLC Agrícola has built solid expertise in the prospection and acquisition of arable land in new farming regions. The acquisition of land with high production potential also seeks to take advantage of the potential price appreciation of rural properties in Brazil, thanks to their comparative advantages in relation to such leading agricultural countries as the United States, China, India and Argentina.