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SLC Agrícola S.A. does not only invest in technology but also in people’s satisfaction. Our actions are geared towards the quality of life, growth, appreciation and constant development of our employees.

Trainee Program

To commit itself to the education and preparation of future leaders that will be able to step up and contribute to solving the organization’s growing challenges is a goal of SLC Agrícola. In the Trainee Program, young professionals recently graduated in agricultural and agronomical engineering are given the opportunity to face real-life situations in production units, receiving technical qualification and, mainly, developing leadership skills and teamwork, and becoming a part of the company‘s culture and processes. The improvement of abilities, the desire to make a difference, and the initiative necessary to promote innovative and efficient changes is what makes these students stand out and opens the door for new opportunities. The program is planned to last one (1) year and is conducted in accordance with the Trainee’s specific field of knowledge.

Internship Program

A partner of many important universities and technical schools throughout Brazil, every year SLC Agrícola promotes the integration and development of many young talents, especially agricultural and agronomic engineering and agricultural technical education students, preparing them for new and growing demands within the job market and the reality of large companies. In the practical environment of SLC Agrícola’s units, students find opportunities to live out the theoretical concepts they learned in academic environments, connecting these concepts to the organization‘s culture and business objectives, thus contributing to improvements. Students are supervised by qualified professionals during specifically programmed activities, improving themselves through constant feedback, converging objectives and relationships with other work teams. Each quarter more students join the Internship Program through open registration in the months of April and October of each year.


People are more productive and happy when there is quality of life in their work environment. For this reason, the Company offers benefits aimed at the well-being of its employees and their families.

Educational stipend, health, dental and pharmaceutical plan, profit sharing, cafeteria/meal vouchers, grocery vouchers, transportation, housing at the production units and life insurance.

Work Safety and Health

The work safety departments constantly seek ways of improvement by minimizing risks, preventing accidents and promoting quality of life. For this purpose, all the farms have dedicated teams that compose the SESTR.

Internal Accident Prevention Committee (CIPA) - This committee was created with the sole purpose of preventing work accidents through education and training.

SIPATR - The Rural Work Accident Prevention Week (SIPATR) is a seminar for employees and their relatives, which involves not only accident prevention, but also educational lectures on drugs, alcohol, smoking, AIDS, among other subjects. Each farm has its own social area and employees from the production units work and live in the same area. Thus, the Company organizes programs to better integrate employees and tighten family bonds.

Continuing Education

The training and development area‘s Continuing Education Program (Programa Educação Continuada) seeks to attend to needs specific to the company‘s area of operation, considering the profile of employees that work in production units and at the Company‘s headquarters. SLC Agrícola strived to design a training program that could include the largest number of people possible.

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