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    Fundamentos e Planilhas

    Corporate Structure

    Simplified Corporate Structure

    The following diagram shows Sul América S.A. (SASA) simplified corporate structure and is accompanied by a table showing SASA´s direct and indirect interest in the total capital stock of each of its operating subsidiaries and certain of its holding companies as of September 30, 2012.

    Interest in Subsidiaries and Holding Companies

    Interest (%) on total capital
    Companies Core activity Headquarters Direct Indirect
    Sul América Companhia Nacional de Seguros - SALIC Insurance company RJ 24.45 75.55
    Saepar Serviços e Participações S.A. - SAEPAR Equity Investments RJ 100.00 -
    Sul América Saúde Companhia de Seguros - SULASAÚDE (II) Health insurance plan operator RJ - 100.00
    Sul América Seguros de Pessoas e Previdência S.A. - SULASEG Insurance company RJ - 100.00
    Sul América Companhia de Seguro Saúde- CIA SAÚDE Health insurance plan operator RJ 31.03 68.97
    Sul América Companhia de Seguros Gerais - CIA SASG Insurance company RJ - 100.00
    Sul América Investimentos Distribuidora de Títulos e Valores Mobiliários S.A. - SAMI Third-party asset management SP - 100.00
    Cival Reinsurance Company Ltd. Reinsurance company (inactive) Cayman Islands - 100.00
    Sul América Santa Cruz Participações S.A. - SANTA CRUZ Equity Investments RJ - 100.00
    Sul América Serviços de Saúde S.A. - NOVA SULAMED Health insurance plan operator SP - 100.00
    Sul América Odontológico S.A. - ODONTO (I) Dental Insurance Plan Operator SP - 100.00
    Sul América Capitalização S.A. - SULACAP Establishment of guaranteed capital through capitalization system RJ - 83.27

    (I) Merger of Dentalplan DENTALPLAN was merged into SULODONTO in September 2012, and this transaction does not impact these financial statements.

    (II) Change in the corporate name of Brasilsaúde Companhia de Seguros (BRASILSAÚDE) On September 18, 2012, the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting approved the change in BRASILSAÚDE’s corporate name, changing it to Sul América Saúde Companhia de Seguros (SULASAÚDE).



    Last updated on 04/14/2014