T4F’s strategy includes the following components:

Guarantee the best Brazilian and international content. T4F intends to continue to increase and update the content in accordance with market trends and consumer demand by extending contract periods for successful content and seeking to present the best Brazilian and international content.

Leverage growth through geographic expansion. Currently, T4F is active in Brazil’s main cities (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Curitiba and Porto Alegre) as well as in Buenos Aires and Cordoba (Argentina), Santiago (Chile) and Lima (Peru). T4F intends to increase its activity in these cities and expand into new ones. T4F believes there is underserved demand for live entertainment in other large cities in Brazil, Argentina and Chile where T4F has not staged events yet.

T4F also intends to expand activities to other countries within other South American regions that exhibit great potential for growth in demand. T4F believes that by expanding activities to new markets, it will be able to increase growth, maximize profit margin and further solidify cash generation. Accordingly, T4F intends to broaden activities and solidify the leading position in the South American live entertainment industry.

Operate the best venues and spaces for events in South America. T4F believes that exclusive access to venues represents a barrier to entry in the entertainment industry.

- Therefore T4F intends to continue leasing and operating the best venues, certifying the schedule of the most attractive dates;

- Seek to ensure the best schedule in exposition centers, stadiums and sports arenas operated by third parties in South America. Further plans may also include acquiring or building new venues in cities where T4F currently operates and in new cities with potential demand for live entertainment.

Increase operating efficiency through economies of scale of spectacle promotion. The fact that T4F is the largest entertainment company in South America, in terms of number of tickets sold, strengthens bargaining position, allowing T4F to reduce production costs, and enabling to distribute operating costs over a larger operating platform, which provides economies of scale. T4F also intends to provide corporate sponsors with a regional marketing strategy, which will attract sponsors that want to expose their brands and products to the diverse locations in which T4F produces events.

Expand ticketing and other ancillary revenues segments. T4F currently operates ticketing for third-party venues such as Teatro Sesi in São Paulo, Teatro Dom Silvério in Belo Horizonte and Museu Tam in São Carlos. T4F intends to further expand third-party ticketing services to other kinds of entertainment, including sport events and movies, among others. T4F’s strategy also includes expanding third-party ticketing operations regionally to additional important Brazilian cities, including exclusive rights to operate ticketing services.

Solidify industry leadership through selective acquisitions. T4F is evaluating whether to expand artistic, cultural content and sporting events by acquiring other companies in the South America industry with high growth potential, particularly those with content offerings that present synergies with T4F’s business. T4F intends to use a material portion of the proceeds of the primary offering to this end, and, as such, the success of these acquisitions will have a significant effect on future performance.

Last Update on August 15, 2014

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