Disclosure Policy

In accordance with T4F’s Disclosure Policy, all material Information must immediately be communicated in writing to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil (CVM) and Market Entities, clearly and accurately describing with acts and/or facts and in a language accessible to investors, mentioning the amounts involved and other clarifications whenever possible.

The Material Information must be announced to the public through (i) the news portal http://www.portalneo1.net on the Internet and (ii) publication of the same information on the website http://ir.t4f.com.br whose content is at least identical to the text submitted to the CVM and stock exchanges.

T4F’s Disclosure Policy establishes the following duties for the Company’s Investor Relations Officer:

- to announce and inform in writing the CVM and stock exchanges of any material act or fact related to the Company’s businesses that is considered Material Information immediately after becoming aware of it; and

- to ensure the broad and immediate dissemination of the Material Information simultaneously to the CVM, stock exchanges and all markets in which the Company’s securities are admitted for trading, as well as the general investor public; and

- Supervise any information leaks in the media and/or atypical fluctuations related to trading of the Company’s securities.

Whenever the Material Information is announced by any means of communication, including through press releases or meetings of industry associations, investors, analysts or a select public, whether in Brazil or abroad, the same must be announced to the CVM simultaneously, and, where applicable, to stock exchanges and the investor public.

Any Related Person that becomes aware of acts or facts that could be considered Material Information must immediately inform the Company’s Investor Relations Officer in writing.

T4F’s Disclosure Policy considers as Related Person those indicated in article 13 of CVM Rule 358, including the Company, direct and indirect controlling shareholders of the Company, Executive Officers, members of the Company’s Board of Directors and Audit Committee, when installed, and any other technical or advisory bodies created in accordance with Bylaws, managers and employees, parent companies and/or companies under common control and the respective controlling shareholders, members of Management and of technical or advisory bodies, service providers and other professionals who expressly adhered to T4F’s Disclosure Policy and must compulsorily observe the rules in it, or any person who, pursuant to CVM Rule 358, even if he/she has not adhered to T4F’s Disclosure Policy, becomes aware of the information related to the material act or fact by virtue of his/her function or position held in T4F, its controlling shareholders, subsidiaries or associated companies.

T4F’s Disclosure Policy also establishes that the Material Information exceptionally does not need to be disclosed if its disclosure entails risk to the Company’s legitimate interests. T4F may submit for CVM’s approval the Company’s decision to keep confidential the Material Information. In such exceptional cases of non-disclosure, the Company‘s shareholders or Management must inform immediately the CVM, stock exchanges and the general public, directly or via T4F‘s Investor Relations Officer, of the material act or fact, in case of an atypical oscillation in quotes, prices or trading volume of the securities issued by the Company or if the information runs out of the Company’s control.

The Company’s Investor Relations Officer is responsible for the implementation, maintenance, evaluation and monitoring of the Disclosure Policy.

Click here to access the full Disclosure Policy (Portuguese only).

Last Update on August 12, 2015

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